What is Rotary Rider?


Who needs a smartphone to call an Uber? Not You!

You don’t realize how handy an automated voice-controlled service is until you need it. Have you ever tried to call an Uber with your smartphone but didn’t have data service? Do you carry a feature phone when you don’t want to damage your expensive smartphone? Do you have difficulty using smartphones and prefer feature or landline phones?

Rotary Rider covers all of these scenarios and more. You can call an Uber without needing to use the Uber Rideshare App on your phone. After a quick registration of phone number, just call our hotline and tell our system where you want to go. You will receive pre-ride quotes, ability to select from preset locations and even receive calls with updates if your Uber request changes.

You can sign up for Rotary Rider in less than 5 minutes and there is no fee or usage charges to create an account. Register today and see how convenient Rotary Rider is to use!

Call  1 (888) 205-9648  and see what happens.

Register Today!

Don't wait to sign up until you need it - be prepared and create a Rotary Rider account today. Sign up is simple and fast and there is no fee.