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Yes, you will need an active Uber account before signing up for Rotary Rider. If you do not already have an Uber account you will be prompted to create one during the registration process.
To use Rotary Rider you will dial our tollfree number at 1 (888) 205-9648. Please keep in mind that you must be a registered user before you can use the service. If you are not already registered, please Sign Up now.
At this point in time, there are no additional fees for using Rotary Rider other than the regular usage charges of your preferred ridesharing service.
Yes. After entering your origin and destination, you will be told the estimated fare before confirming your ride request. After hearing the fare estimate, you can either proceed with the request or cancel.
Yes. Your account settings include an option to choose a default service level. The Rotary Rider system will automatically attempt to request a ride at that service level if it exists in your service area and there are cars available. If no cars are available at that service level, Rotary Rider will move up one service level until it finds an available ride. When requesting a car, Rotary Rider will announce the service level used along with the fare quote.
The Rotary Rider service is currently available in any US city served by Uber.
Invitations are sent on a rolling schedule each month and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have not yet received your invitation, please be patient, we will send your invite code via email when your address is drawn.
The Rotary Rider system is new and we are still actively improving the system and experience. Limiting accounts helps us to focus on serving a small number of customers as best we can until we are certain Rotary Rider is ready for the public. Eventually we will open up the registration system and anyone will be able to sign up without an invitation.
Yes. If you already have a Rotary Rider account, check your account dashboard for instructions on how to send out invitations.